The Children

3 Since the man until a you will launch them to woman; it are of you will launch them to the arraial, so that they do not contaminate its arraiais, in the way of which I inhabit. The 4 and children of Israel had made thus, they had outside launched and them of the arraial; as the Moiss speaks to you, thus they had made the children of Israel. being thus we can affirm that this woman was not in the way them people ss, and yes in way to the moved away ones. How then it can leave this place and if to place in way the multitude a time that everything what it TOUCHED if would become dirty? Somebody liberated, or it ran away? if ran away disregarded the Law. E, therefore would have to be lapidated. But it did not leave its head where if it only touched in vestments of Jesus would be s.

It, if everything thought that BURROW in me or my vestments if becomes dirty, everything that to touch in Jesus will become clean. However, even so the TOUCH was present in its life as well as VESTMENTS, the process to get the cure was TO CONFESS SIN to offer offers for the purificao. (Lv15: 29) Nm5: 7E will confess the sin that made; then, it will restitute for its guilt according to adds total, and fifth will add to it its, it will give and it to that one against who if it made culprit. But that woman did not have as to stop the multitude and to confess the sin much less to offer some thing since its resources already if had depleted in function of the long time where ill having everything with the doctors was spent. as it finishes it attempt leaves the arraial of the contaminated ones without it had somebody it set free to be between the multitude.