The Economy Of Marriage

When the couple enters into marriage they are facing two possibilities as to how to develop the economic system of their marriage. Could choose to submit to the rules established by the Regulations governing the marriage, or to take further agreed between them. How to carry out the development of such agreements? When the prospective spouses are considering whether to set their own rules governing the economy following the link, the first step to be taken would always contact a lawyer specializing in family law that would advise on specific aspects of it, clear the doubts could arise and explain in a comprehensible manner the implications of their decisions. In a prenuptial agreement may contain decisions on the income of each of the partners, ownership of property and the rights and obligations towards the management and control thereof. Forecasts would also be established on the assumption that the couple or one of its members assume debt or other charges. Finally, possible arrangements could also be established for the case of sudden breakdown of the marriage or if either spouse dies. How often their implementation? Although in the past the use of such agreements was something unique premarital couples with higher incomes or estates, each day is more usual to set this type of forecast in all types of marriages, especially for the spectacular growth that have experienced divorce in recent years, reaching in some countries up to 50% of new marriages. Its use is particularly common when one of the parties has already experienced in the past traumatic rupture process, with the disputes that frequently arise in relation to the division of property and debts after the same, not wanting to be immersed in a similar situation.

What are the basic rules to bring to fruition? In negotiating the Agreement is to be noted certain rules, which allow the same to a successful conclusion – First, both spouses should provide accurate and complete information about their finances and assets. Lies are counterproductive at this point, if indeed a terrible first step towards marital cohabitation. – Moreover, it is necessary that both trust each other, be fair and objective when establishing the covenants. – Both members of the couple must be convinced of all the points at issue, in order to avoid being accused of exerting pressure or coercion on their spouse.

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