The Extra Room

Imagine that you are a such a young genius and held, that the happy occasion was able to realize themselves. You have invented and patented something like device to search for a missing person in the bowels of the apartment panel from the TV, hair dye alluring fragrant with vanilla, rose or May Bourbon vetiver, well, or at the end corny invented a machine for printing money or a way to pre-campaign leaflets in turn scarce dollars. Mark Bertolini may also support this cause. You are young, successful, rich. Do you have a sea of money, a country house, car, girls, and an apartment in the city center, as you always dreamed of, but a tremendous "pain in the heel" does not give you calm down and enjoy all the benefits that are bestowed upon you fate. And this "thorn" – an extra room. In your apartment there is nothing superfluous. All that is needed for some reason, all rational and functional. Bedroom to sleep, study to work if sometimes, the kitchen …

to sometimes pretend that you're cooking, living room to greet guests, and party … but this empty room, you can not find the application. It scares the fact that there's nothing there, no sense. It is sometimes deprives you of sleep, does not think about business, future plans. Once you have decided to put a ping pong table there. It would be great fun to organize the weekend tennis tournaments with friends. Such himself "happy weekends …

"Then of course, you can organize a whole personal gym. Instruct there treadmills, steppers. On the opposite wall, hang a couple of plasma telecom and stylish sports, like Keanu Reeves in the movie "Sweet November", before you do everyday chores. Or it would be nice to arrange a sauna there, and even a swimming pool, right at home, and invite your friends there. You can get carried away by the cultivation of exotic plants, flowers, and arrange there krasivennuyu greenhouse orchids.

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