The Folds

Given the size of average kitchens – this is a significant factor. Nor should we choose the fabric for curtains, for example, with a small figure, if you have the kitchen wallpaper, furniture or floor covering (which is a steady-state) and in fine pattern (Possibly except when they are in one color, but it not a fact). This creates a sense of dirt, filth, even if you get out there every day. A kind of psychological attack. So, let's possible design options.

Of course, we can say that the curtains for the kitchen may be exactly the same as for the room. And none of this will not argue. Nevertheless, there are some familiar images for each of us associated with the overall atmosphere is kitchen. So … the kitchen window may be of different sizes. But regardless of this, it is best if the curtains on this window will be short – 10-20 cm below the sill. This allows the use of parapet space.

That is, if you decide to hang a full kitchen curtains. After all, you can only do window pelmet and already looks quite nice. So let's start from the top – pelmet. Pelmet on kitchen window is best done with a small number of folds), and even better flat. Why? Curtains in the kitchen get dirty more often and more 'quality'. Wash dishes pollution – is more complicated. And the accumulated dirt in the folds of unlikely grace most elegant pelmet. Flat pelmet can be mounted as a ready-made cornices, and just to the board, covered with a cloth (mounted on steel squares, the edges stand for the window border to 5-7 cm) and used instead of a cornice.

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