The Issue

A very valuable exercise is to look to others for listen to powerfully and thus realize what is happening. Not to correct others, but to go beyond the words and understand counterpart us help with our attitude to the relationship to flow better. Also to improve our attitude we must observe us, find the most valuable thoughts that contribute to build a more favorable attitude. If what I think and feel is about to make myself explode, that is reflected in my body and in my tone. But if achieving a more positive and constructive thinking, and find more peace and quiet, will also express it my face, my tone my body. By way of reminder, in a card writes: today take care my attitude from what I think. Alternatively, if it is not through that medium, he employs any other form such as for example a ring, an image on your desktop, or any other that continually take you to remember and observe your thoughts, and thus generate a more productive attitude within yourself. I assure you that the constant practice of this exercise will lead a better attitude as well as better relations with others, with your projects and, consequently, with your life.

I invite you to reflect on the issue and put it into practice beyond the theory. Check your benefits, also shares this information with your work teams, with friends or with who you want, and motivate them to resort to this tool, to perform this task. This will lead to more and better benefits in your environment. Note: If you want to read the articles before this, find them at guidorosas.com if you are not yet subscribed to our free newsletter, I invite you to register.

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