The Life

We are electrical bodies, are loaded bodies of energy, are preparations to take the one that surrounds to us, that is surrounding to us and to use it to recover our small farms, our emotions, pains, difficulties, and diseases, the symbols that are learned in the Reiki are like switches of currents, you know when them and you use, the energy flows even more and you can act better in the fields than you wish to heal, the car-therapy has worked in my since then, the practitioner for years and I have managed to be over the life prognoses that due to the cancer have given the doctors. Also it is possible to be healed at a distance or through photos, until of screens of computer and television, the mind not this limited by anything, the mind travels and takes to where it wants his aid, without distance, the energy does the same, only mrate, walking without being connected to the electricity, nor to batteries, observes that you see colors, that you can run, and your machinery is walking without stopping, if you value this simple fact of being a living human, you have to know that the perfection of the Creator has given you much more than we thought, because it also gave to the techniques and the energy you to recover your DNA, your damages, and you can correct, treatments, besides being a sanador in power. It is only necessary you learn that it you practice and it. Original author and source of the article..