The Man Of The Jug

The man of the Pitcher said to them: I have here, when entering the city will leave to the encounter a man who takes a water pitcher; seguidle until the house where it will enter. Lucas 22:10 This section that we mentioned refers to the allocation given by Jesus to two of its disciples, Pedro and Juan, to those who it entrusted to become position of the preparation of the Passover dinner. The task requested by its Teacher is been responsible affirmatively for these two men and to demonstrate its will to him to obey to him and to satisfy its order, simply they say to him: where you want we prepare that it? to which his Gentleman orients to them in the form deciphers by Lucas. We think perhaps that surely these two men hoped that his Teacher would give an ample direction them but, giving the name of the owner of house, or precise data him of the location of their house, but they included/understood that this task already had been assigned this man of the pitcher this one would be the person in charge to indicate the place to them and him they had to follow to him. Nothing else we know of this man of the pitcher, the rest of story allows the Biblical us to know that it faithfully fulfilled its work, was there when they arrived Pedro and Juan and lead to them in efficient form to the place that had been arranged, we read in Lucas: seguidle until the house where it will enter, and decid to the father of family of that house: The Teacher says to you: Where he is aposento where there am to eat Passover with my disciples? Then it will show great aposento to them high already arranged; you prepare there. .