The Pendulum

Today is the day that each week I am at the computer to write my next article.But unlike the 33 articles already written over 8 months, in this first moment I do not know about what to write.Everything in the law of attraction is consequence of something. Could it be that today I am discouraged.? Because the issue is not writing, but about that topic to talk; and look if there are topics to develop.So here is where I have the feeling that I see in many others when faced with an adverse situation they say: can not continue. And it is just the opposite, when one feels depressed, without answers, not knowing which path to take, or knowing it view that all addresses are scabrous, the answer is only one: follow!Obviously I do not mean to continue to do a job when the body is tired and fatigue is the natural response to the need to take a break; but I am specifically referring to the spiritual part, when the only reason not to continue with our goal is the uneasiness. do now how face that do wall that stops us?, which we know that our body can overcome it, but at that time our mind tells us I can not.Because as I always say: I can not the Word does not exist, there is only the willpower sustained by perseverance.Hence when we feel defeated, it is then we must know that we are not losers and we must draw within us that iron will to continue with our proposed objective.Always remember when one feels dejected when more you have to fight, because this is a signal that the next hit is close.And the above is relevant double, because as you know that you can not yield any adversity, you volcaras an energy positive that you will benefit directly in your self-esteem and also to the extent that this is a way of life, others will also see it in you and as consequence will also receive energy positive of others.In other words, what I said in another article: look at yourself as a winner and you’ll be a winner.