The Policy Of Dominican Republic

Well not be where to begin this article but much less is where going to end. I say that because it is an article that in my country Dominican Republic is a topic which has no principle but much less end. When I speak of my country in this way I feel that I am speaking of me, the situation of my country is a very uncontrolled by the policy and nothing situation more, policy is responsible for controlling the human being of my country is one power so grade has no control and this outside of being an advance of development for society and everything that surrounds us and like this outside of control everyone is out of control also. They know do not want to mention names in this article that I don’t want to commit to anyone and do not show and this article as a form of revolution or anything like that, if not as a way that people that read this article they are in informed of what is happening in my country (the Dominican Republic). The situation of my country is a critical situation because of the unregulated price that there are in the whole is by the famous (money) everything is economic interest, that govern the blind eye are made and are made that you don’t see anything the situation in the country. But that’s not the worst, the worst thing is getting there broken arms and promise and promise and then have the job as they say in my country (if you’ve seen I do not remember) bone do not know you and you’re far less not capable for being by my side nor much less to have benefits that I have at the moment, and that are and us of those who promise to get to have a big government job.

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