The Sides

Suddenly interrupted it and said me in a tone of deslumbramento and allure: – We arrive Senhorita. – I looked at for all the sides, but he did not have nothing of new, only some houses as any another street, in the end of the street however if found the cemetary municipal, but could not there be where would take it me, that person in s conscience would take a stranger to give a stroll in a cemetary? Even though it did not seem to be a normal person, to this he left me thought with calafrios. Chapter 2 – Approach pulled me to It for the arm and I was following and what it really seemed a madness was real, it he was taking me to the cemetary, I I was terrifies, but what I could make? If I cried out nobody hear I could me because already he was late of the night, if I tried to fight against it also I did not go to give in nothing, it I was lean but of any form it was stronger perhaps than I, everything that I could make age to follow it, later it took me the party as he had said. I tried to be calmer but ahead of the situation it was sufficiently difficult, then when we arrive in the entrance I was more nervous still, that place I was macabro excessively pro my world and the night accented more the terror climate, for the boy that seemed normal very, it showed one total calm expression and also brought air of empolgao. When we enter I felt as if the wind had been more frozen and my heart beat each sped up time more, it looked at for me and smiled what for it was not a routine, then said in a gozao tone: – This with fear? I come all here the nights, this place me of the one immense interior peace.