The Ultimate Hit Quiz Of The 80s

The quiz book to a brilliant Decade of music book publication the ultimate the 80s HIT QUIZ In August 2009 was published by Jazzybee Verlag”the first book by Jurgen Beck, the ultimate 80s hit quiz. The book contains 1300 exciting multiple choice questions to the music of a great decade and provides hours of entertainment. Who would have thought that 2009 the 80s again so would come close me”, so author Jurgen Beck about his debut. If I’m considering how much fun there, researching this book I can imagine well what fun and what Deja vu a reader will have only”. The 80s are the Decade for many connoisseurs of music par excellence. Jorge Perez: the source for more info. Nestled between Alphaville and ZZ this era offered a sensational range of music is top and the years 1980 to 1989. “” By the ebb from the classic German Schlager and its re-emergence”in the NDW, of the meteoric rise of the mega stars Madonna and Michael Jackson to the commercialization of the soundtrack as in dirty dancing” or top gun “-it was easy always something going on.

In fact, the book contains questions about the 1300 1300 greatest hits, the Germany experienced during this decade”, so Beck next. You should maybe sometimes one formula”looked or at least much radio heard, to answer the questions. But they are Yes to the challenge, but the entertainment. And that is guaranteed, where so many great memories are awakened and pass so many brilliant images and moments.” The disco band played at the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana? How many female members was the formation of A la carte? Who sang of the County”the German version of the Kenny Rogers hits coward? What were the nose rings in ur burning school”? These are just four of the total 1300 quiz questions, which deal with the brain cells and ask for the solution. The book offers not only quizzes and 80s feeling, but also very many facts and news in the answers on a total 532 pages. There is not just a simple answer with one word only, or the author adds the correct letter, but really much background to the quiz questions”. The ultimate 80’s hit quiz”is the first book of the Jazzybee Publishing House. Jurgen Beck the ultimate the 80s hit quiz Jazzybee Verlag ISBN published on August 19, 2009: 978-3-937950-40-2 format: A5 page number: 532 pages paperback retail price: EUR 19.99 for review copies or direct contact to the publisher contact please contact: Jazzybee-Verlag Jurgen Beck telephone: 08296/909880 eMail:

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