The Way

Trends 2013: Platforms such as e-mail, web conference, etc., which will be integrated to the social networks of each company will be designed, but until that happens it might disappear or adapt corporate ICT tools for communication within business processes. 2014-2015 Trends: expected widespread use of communication applications designed for computers and will be integrated to the use of smart phones.

Trends 2015: approximately 25% of the companies rely improving your effectiveness and productivity in the analysis of social networks, which will be useful to know the patterns of interaction and movement of information that occurs between the workers, the groups within the enterprise, partners and customers currently use of social networks is done out of the companies, as marketing tools, to find new business contacts, etc. There is no doubt that social networks will be part of the way of communication inner and outer of many companies, which will intensify and strengthen the performance of the companies and will give an added value to those who have an innovative attitude.

For the human Googles like us, these tools without any doubt open us an exciting world of information. They will be especially critical to locate valuable people within our Organization. Also, have a Twitter specializing within your company would be excellent to disclose information (links, books, etc.) that apply directly to what there is done, even internal or confidential information that makes no sense disclose in a public Twitter in more direct and effective way. Because, let’s not forget, one of the major problems of the Internet is the wealth of information. Operate in a social network exclusively ours assures us that what they find will be segmented perfectly to our context. We will save time and find what really interests us.