Tucson 2012

Tucson 2012 arrives at surrounded Brazil of questionings. Perhaps one of them, the greater is the great questioning if the Tucson will not go to be substituted by ix35 in Brazil. The reply it is simple: NOT! Differently of other countries, this way the car will continue being vendido normally, therefore, the volume of sales (good) made with that the Hyundai did not remove of the market a product that still vende well. Ix35 will go to be located in another segment of market. Some critics are beating strong of this decision of the reposicionamento assembly plant and indicating a certain discomfort with the consumer, fact is that the decision of the assembly plant is on the basis of the consumers. The Brazilian still wants the Tucson and is made use to pay much more in ix35 that other countries, then why to act different? New Tucson 2012 backwards as newness the engine flex that it will be produced in its plant in Gois, in the city of Anpolis, not yet had been divulged bigger details as income of the engine, power and consumption.

One of the points essential and to know the profit of this engine in relation to the previous one, of any form is a change that many consumers were waiting, can use etanol in the engine of the Motor Tucson.O of Tucson 2012 will be one 2.0i of 143 horses of power and has automatic transmission in 4 speeds. No longer car as a whole we will see ceiling solar sky window, radio with bluetooth that you can use integration with its smartphone as iPhone, GPS with touchscreen. Another good newness will be the varied gamma of metallic colors that the Hyundai will go to supply the SUV beyond the white color, external wheels of light league, brakes ABS with stability control, mirrors with electric drive, electric constraints, front traction and banks with some upholstered combinations of. Price of the Tucson 2012O Price of Tucson 2012 is dvidido by manual exchange or automatic, it confers: Tucson 2012 R$68.550Tucson manual with automatic transmission R$74.550Dependendo of the configuration of optional and item that you to decide to equip its SUV the price will go to vary, then looks for a concessionaire of the Hyundai next to its house or work and makes a simulation of its desired car. In the concessionaire you will be able to encontar financing of Tucson 2012 and also to make the Safe from a Tucson. The price of the Safe from a Tucson 2012 you will be able to consult with an associated corrector the store that to assist will go you to choose the best option.