Ufa Capital

Planning a trip to Paris, we dream of a magical journey into the heart of France, the capital of fashion and culture, where every street is literally breathes history, each imbued with a special atmosphere of the house … imagine yourself on top of the Eiffel Tower with a glass of champagne or dreams of evening walks along the Champs-Elysees, dipping into their luxurious vanity … and we hardly think about what risks and unpleasant surprises can trap us in the capital of the world. However, who is warned – that is armed. And that's about it today, we'll talk. In tours to Egypt from Ufa, the situation is the same, everyone knows the trick of the camel, which put on for free … As is well known, well-developed European capital, invariably attracts people from many countries, including the former French colonies (such as Syria, Lebanon, Algeria). All immigrants have long settled in the outskirts of the city, earning whatever they can.

Unfortunately, these are not always ways fair. Tell you about the most popular ones: 1. You can easily see the Africans in places of pilgrimage for tourists (the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, etc.). There they work a little annoying souvenir sellers. It's countless figurines Tower, magnets, scarves, key rings and much more. All this is offered to the tourists who, according to the enterprising merchants have unlimited financial resources. If you are not interested in the product, it is better to pass by, giving a clear understand that you are in no need. However, we must pay tribute, gifts are actually cheaper store.

2. Some Parisian restaurants or cafes on you suddenly, "inadvertently" can descend a young man and accidentally spill something, or somehow stain your clothes (say, a jacket). After that, a thousand pardons, he will ask you for a piece of clothing to scrub the stain. After that, probably, retire with her to the toilet. If you believe swindler and given a jacket, do not expect him back because the contents of his pockets and the thing itself will become the property of cunning thieves. 3. Another clever trick. Imagine that your eyes someone picked up the expensive decoration of, say, a gold ring. You have witnessed this scene, a man asks you if your not a ring. If you get caught in a trap and decide to lie, they soon regret it, because unexpectedly announced the master jeweler products, and demand from you the money, not to say to the police for theft. However, there are other scenarios. In any case not in contact with a person "who found" valuable thing. 4. Near the Sacre Coeur church in Montmartre as tools petty crooks again Africans. When you just go up the hill up to the church, they are waiting for you and very persistently asked your hand – in order to very quickly connect to it from several African Fenichka multi-colored threads. While you're pondering what's what, Fenechka ready. And for an exclusive jewelry immediately require 2 euros. And it will not refuse to pay, the work has been done, and remove it from the hands of a problem … One of the options for recreation in Europe is also Italy from Ufa. Enjoy your stay without any untoward incident!