Vendida Youth

Part of the adolescents finishes for if converting into happy and reasonable efficient adults. But it has great number of adolescents who do not make it; they feel themselves deeply dissatisfied with the effective society, or obtain same, or with both. In the popular wordiness of 60 years and its ‘ ‘ contracultura’ ‘ young, is young that if had become ‘ ‘ vendidos’ ‘. However, the sources of its alienation can vary widely. In some cases, the alienation results of the economic privation or the ethnic discrimination.

We can wait that children have affinity with a society that never gave to any thing seno to them the crumbs of its table or the disdain of its privileged members? Such alienation will persist if the society to remain invariant. In other cases, the alienation of youth does not come from a privation of personal laws, but of the disillusion with a society that if it sees as to pursue objectives of technological progress and economic wealth without considering human or ambient costs. This type of alienation characterized many young of middle class and high of the end of 60 years and start of the 70. They also analyzed the hierarchic organization of the society contemporary as impersonal, highly specialized, guided for the status (great companies, government, education, the military classrooms) as enemy of the values that they ciosamente defended. Over all between North American youth, the war of the Vietnam, destructive and highly disturbing, was, for many, the climax of the bitterness and the disillusion.

Of these mentally ill young of middle class of this period they had been enlisted, to a large extent, the current members of radical groups of countries as Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States. In other circumstances, the alienation of a person if mainly takes root in a disturbance of the relationship between parents and children or in other adverse evolutivas experiences; experiences that probably can produce riots psychological and a feeling of alienation in almost all the type of society. The adolescents can react to the proper ravishment (ecstasy) in different ways – some positive, other refusals. Some find other forms of life, more personally significant, either in the social action (as, for example, to work with the children, the poor persons, the deficient ones or the old ones), in the search of personal objectives (as some young artists, poets and craftsmen) or in a community of people who think as they (as in the case of some agricultural or urban communities or religious cults). Espressiva part if becomes social opponents, as ‘ ‘ hippies’ ‘ of the end of 60 years and start of the 70, dependents of drugs, delinquents or revolutionaries politicians, whose niilista objective (In general terms niilismo means the point of view that considers that the traditional beliefs and values are baseless and that does not have any direction or utility in the existence) (the niilista declares war what it has been known as ‘ ‘ conventional lies of the society civilizada’ ‘ , as well as the repudiation to that the reason cannot explain. For the niilista they do not exist ‘ ‘ cerimnias’ ‘. If a hated person dirige the word, the niilista remains cold and been silent, without feeling obligation in keeping appearances and feeding plus one ‘ ‘ lie social’ ‘. The ignorance is also for the repudiated niilista all and naivety), can simply be the destruction of a society that they disdain. some can develop serious psychological problems.

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