Venezuelan State

Reflection is one of the principal means that leaders must learn from the past.Warren Bennis is very regrettable brain drain every day leaving the country in search of new opportunities, looking for countries where there is economic, political, security that is the opportunity to work in an environment that guarantees stability, opportunities to put into practice the knowledge acquired, the Venezuelan State attention should be paid more to this reality, because this country lose much talenta human capital formed, trained in many of the public universities that the Government subsidizes the collaboration of Venezuelans who comply with their taxes and have contributed time, money in the training of their children to enter the University. Cannot be wasted human capital and other countries to leverage their training, when Venezuela need them, especially given the reality of a troubled, uncertain, scenario that requires a talent able to face challenges, changes, in where creativity, innovation of all pop up and help clarify the uncertainty facing with new ideas, programs, actions that guarantee results with integration of unit equipment and not divisions of these. It is not surprising as says movilidad.universiablogs.net that, politics and social in which Venezuela is located has become an exporter of talent. This Venezuelan brain drain began in 1983 with the so-called Black Friday, and since then, the phenomenon is gaining ground with the passage of time.Insecurity, economic crisis and political instability in which the Venezuelan nation finds itself encourage the brain drain, relatively new trend in our country since, on the contrary, Venezuela was always a receiver of immigration. In the Decade of 50 Italian immigrants, Spaniards and Portuguese settled in national territory and in the 70s and 80 arrived crowds from various parts of Latin America, especially Chilean, Colombian, Peruvian. The State should reflect how much costs the country each professional forming, what is lost investment when they decide to go, more, when youth who graduated sees no prospects for development, otherwise, has increased unemployment, conllevado many newly graduates and even with years of experience in the professional practice opt for irse, motivated by the need to achieve better socio-economic conditions, the possibility to grow professionally and to live in a region with political stability and freedom of expression.

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