Visit Arequipa

Peru has the best scenery on the continent, therefore, as far as possible it is recommended to travel by bus to appreciate them. Obviously, there are destinations like Iquitos where only accessible by air or waterway. Best of all is that each city has a Peru Hotel which will host it for your convenience, the prices are not very expensive. After visiting the historic city of Lima you can take a bus with destination to the city of Arequipa, also known as the White City. In the journey between and depending on your budget you can make a stopover in the city of Nazca, Ica department.

ICA is located between Lima and Arequipa. The famous Nazca lines are located here. Arequipa is the second largest city and populous of Peru after Lima. Its typical colonial buildings made of Ashlar give rise to the moniker of White City, in addition to being a pretty clean place. One of the main architectural attractions of Arequipa is the Santa Catalina monastery, the most important religious monument of the Peru. Travel Center historic Arequipa and visit your Plaza de Armas are two mandatory points every tourist should do, this area is quite commercial. Many of the best hotels and restaurants in Arequipa are located in this area so don’t forget to book your Peru Hotel here.

There is no doubt that the tourist landmark in Arequipa is the Colca Valley. The Colca Canyon is considered among the deepest in the world and its landscapes are simply spectacular. This area is home to the condor, a popular Andean bird of great dimensions. To get to the Valley must pass behind the volcanoes Misti and Chachani, fortunately there are many tours that make this journey daily. It is time to learn about new places and book a Hotel Peru. The budget for travel to Peru is not very expensive also can save money by booking an economic Hotel Peru. If you want a beach and Sun tourism Hotel Mancora is the solution. Peru has everything and for all tastes. If you have interest in knowing more cities in Peru you must read articles from Sara Martinez. She He writes about tourism and other topics.