VLCC Mercury Glory

How safe are those investors who participate in capital increases? To the shareholders meetings in may 2012, the Executive Boards of the funds have (DS-return on investment-Fonds Nr. 106 VLCC titanium glory, DS-yield Fund No. 109 VLCC Saturn glory, DS-return on investment-Fonds Nr. 110 VLCC Neptune glory, DS-yield Fund No. 112 VLCC Mercury Glory, DS-return on investment-Fonds Nr.

113 VLCC Pluto glory, DS-yield Fund No. 114 VLCC Artemis glory, DS-yield Fund No. 120 VLCC Leo Glory and DS-yield funds no. 127 VLCC Younara glory) reports submitted and proposed capital increases of at least 10%. Those investors who participate in the capital increase, to be with a Vorabgewinn of 12% p.a. and a more participation in the sales by 20% compared to the old capital are rewarded.

Whether the current Vorabgewinne can be paid, by the way, not clearly, why is already designing according to provided only when a sale to catch up on this distribution. Before the fund companies – not had regularly in very surprising for investors, enlightened been were, that they have been the predicted distributions only loans terminated the shareholder loans in the amount of the previous distributions to June 30, 2012. The repayment of these amounts is due on July 1, 2012. A so-called discharge liability model (allegedly) stipulates that those investors who participate in the capital increase, end their wiederaufgelebte liability in the acquired new deposit. To do this, the business report says 2012 Saturn glory (page 7): “The deposit of new capital is considered (possibly partial) repayment of (independent income) payments received in the past, so is this reduces the currently existing external liability of each shareholder to a third party and a recovery of payments by the company at this altitude is no longer possible.” This can be understood only from the perspective of investors, that they then will no longer have to pay back the announced loan, if you at the Capital increase in the amount which corresponds to the sum of the reclaimed distributions have participated.