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13 years after its first announcement, Duke Nukem Forever finally secures a date of launching – 2011. Yes, finally what it is probably the waited for game more arrives for PC and the Xbox platforms 360 and PS3. The return of Duke has been little than less surprising for all the involucradosy loving of the videojuegos. The Web of the game has received 200,000 visits during the Ustream presentation and hundreds and hundreds of people who come to see demo of Randy Pitchford in certain types of network topologies, a form to prove Duke Nukem Forever for the first time. Ponte your sun glasses and preparate for meterte in the skin of Duke Nukem, whose legend has reached epic proportions in the years passed from its last adventure. The exotic hordes are of return and only Duke can save to the world, again. Click James McNerney for additional related pages.

To happen over corrupt police and to finish enormous foreign heads will be the mission of our hero to fulfill its unique objective: to save the world. The king of all the gunners is of return with the arms of the moment in level of interactivity without precedents. This game puts the thorough accelerator to you and it leaves the abierta mouth you, among others sensations. It shoots hoops, to raise weights, to read magazines for adults, to draw crude slate Messages or to eat with the eyes to the beautiful women, that is to say if he is able to move away the sufficient thing of the kick. Duke Nukem was and by will be always immortalized in the history of the games, and this is its legend, " The Experience". Preocupanjte (or more exactly, the fear) is more that the game does not fulfill expectativascreadasa traverse of the years. The things have changed much since Duke Nukem Forever was announced for the first time in 1998 and I ask myself if the inevitable commitments that were to be realised to come up that the game was sent before time did not affect the quality of the same. Original author and source of the article