Weekend Celebrations

During this weekend (11 and 12 June), will be held at Almonte (Huelva) the Romeria del Rocio, the most famous thing that can be said to exist not only in Andalusia but in all Spain. More than 100 subsidiaries brotherhoods are on their way towards the village of el Rocio.This weekend celebrates the Romeria del Rocio during this weekend, more than one million people will come to this annual event, of a religious nature, to attend the departure of the Virgin of the sanctuary that bears his name, during the early hours of Sunday 12 Monday 13. Virgin will be removed in procession from its altar and cover on the shoulders by the Almonte, to walk the streets of the village until a time not concrete, but close at noon on Monday. Hotel Monte Conquero, one of hotels closest to the exit of the city to reach the village of Rocio in Huelva is located a short distance from this nerve center of the faith and devotion of Andalusia: only thirty minutes by road. You can book your room to through our booking, by clicking on this link engine. The phenomenon of dew, as other manifestations of this dimension, transcends the purely religious, stop go enriching with other aspects of life, customs, folklore, etc. from a village. All this makes the pilgrimage of Rocio fundamentally an act of faith even though it may be for others a curiosity or even simply a party. What no doubt is that you it’s a religious manifestation that widely surpasses the limits of any other pilgrimage that resembles him. For more information on the Festival or the image of the Virgin, consult the website of the matrix Brotherhood of Almonte:

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