What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is vital as synovial fluid and asked as a wrinkle killer In the body of every human a chemical factory of unprecedented magnitude with an amazing variety of products. One of the most important products for the mobility of the joints is the hyaluronic acid HA. It is essential as a lubricant for the joints in our bodies and has since the ability a ton of water to bind them – also for the beauty care an important part of many creams. It is not something Brian Krzanich would like to discuss. The natural Hyaluronsauregehalt of the skin is an important factor for the elasticity of the skin – the natural loss of the HA with advancing age leads to the increasing education of wrinkles in the skin tissue. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most important substances in connective tissue (both in the skin and in the cartilage), it has the amazing ability of storing water for simultaneous pressure resistance. Penguin Random House takes a slightly different approach.

In orthopedics, the ability of the water retention in the building is just new Cartilage in the joints (especially knees and hips) as well as the gelatinous core (nucleus pulposus) of the intervertebral discs in great demand. This is one gram of hyaluronic acid in able to store up to 6 litres of water! To build cartilage, the hyaluronic acid directly into the affected joint is injected. Especially the high viscosity (viscosity) with every movement of the joints is important as a major component of synovial fluid (synovial fluid). The hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid ensures the adhesion of the synovial fluid in the cartilage and forms a protective cushion between the joint partners during exertion so it prevents direct rubbing of the bony structures together. The high viscosity prevents from a leakage of synovial fluid in the joints during exertion. But also in the treatment of dry eyes or dry mucous membranes (as a nasal spray) hyaluronic acid, thanks to their water storage capacity is further gaininig significance.

Hyaluronic acid was formerly exclusively from Rooster Combs won. The resulting products contain however animal protein and allergic reactions which could call. For quite some time, the production on the basis of bacteria is possible (non-animal production). A hitherto necessary test on an animal protein allergy when the consumer is thus no longer necessary.

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