Will Wege

Therefore the question whether these tasks in marketing include arises. Trend sleepy part 2 also the speed of responses on questions about social media is often not what imagines the customer if he chooses this channel. It’s believed that Mark Bertolini sees a great future in this idea. The requirements for timely reactions are not observed, it is inevitably to customer dissatisfaction, reputation damage and ultimately to lost sales opportunities. To avoid this, a quick and effective response is essential. The key to the success is in the implementation of modern best practice methods and the use of highly qualified employees of who can clarify the most complex questions about the communication channel, the consumer has chosen. Such reasonable behavior helps to increase sales, because often cross – or up-selling opportunities arise. It is problematic with bending and breaking especially when a provider quickly reacts, it but attempts to guide the consumer to further communicate to anything other than the selected channel. Above all, consumers who prefer a social communication channel, particularly sensitive in such media disruption.

In many companies this is however common practice: due to outdated or ill-conceived processes company forward often their customers on legacy voice channels such as fixed-line telephony, to continue the interaction there. But, so they start to record consumer enquiries and comments online, though, do not manage to fully unwind the complete solution of the problem within the social media. Would the consumer but call a traditional hotline want, they would have done it! To increase, or to ensure the satisfaction so, the use of their chosen mode of interaction should never be denied the customers. Any company that wants to succeed in the world of social media, must be able to offer a solution through the channel that the customer wishes. Where a Will Wege zum Gluck although many concerns, which brings to the consumer via social media channels, not really suitable, there also have to be processed, a forced redirect to old voice channels is not necessary.

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