Withdrawal Amount

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are popular, and today any PC user, whose activities are connected with the calculations, widely uses them. In this case, most tables are used not only to calculate the desired results, but also to design them in the proper format. One of the challenges faced by accountants, economists, financiers, managers and other employees associated with the financial documents, is the conclusion of certain sums in words, but unfortunately, this is not too complicated function in Excel is not implemented. However, you can easily implement it, and there are several options. The easiest way to connect add or open a table in which the print function in words the amount realized in the macro. Obtain the desired file, and read about the features of its connection can be a Web page devoted to print the amount in words. It is better to connect the add-in that implements the desired algorithm.

In this case, when working with any Excel spreadsheet will be available two additional functions – SummPropisyu and ChisloPropisyu. Working with these functions is just same as with any other functions in Excel. You can display as a number of phrases that are located in other cells in the tables, these numbers may be the result of complex calculations. If for some reason did not connect the superstructure failed, you can use a table with a built-macro, which will be loaded automatically each time you start Excel. Further work with the function of the amount in words is no different from similar work using superstructure. If you for some reason do not want to use macros, you can do without them. Clicking on the link, you can read about the second version of the sum in words and download a spreadsheet with an example.

For calculation in this case, use a separate sheet, and if necessary to derive some amount in words will need to add more sheets for calculations. However, this example is easy to fix, so that it can need for those who want to make changes to existing algorithms. It should be noted that all proposed materials are freely available as source code, so if you want anyone can modify them, for example, translated into their native language, or by adding another currency. There are no restrictions on the use of these macros and Excel do not.