World Upside Down Exist

The world turned upside exists. Never evil will depart from the House in which underpaid for good (Proverbs 17: 13.) If you could do an in-depth study in the minds of some sad and contradictory characters of the continental right Ultra, including among them the stone Lady, Hilary Clinton, the President of Peru Alan garcia, the Venezuelan opposition and alvaro Uribe, would discover that the theory of the world to the reverse of Eduardo Galeano exists in that unknown dimension of the twisted minds of those who see in the liberation and integration of our peoples something extremely dangerous. We went into the dimension of the psychotic dissociation which could define it as a psychological codes management process where you create the individual subconscious a fictitious reality that all evils, and hence all negative that happens to him comes from a single cause or a single person. The subconscious of the individual reaches a State that induces you to believe that eliminating the cause of the ills that beset him, should reach absolute happiness. As the artist and bad comedian Orlando Urdaneta, before the cameras of the TV channels mayameras would say: dead dog, just rage. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, is strong candidate to the mental examination of discarding of psychotic dissociation, to verify which is the mental state of the American Lady of stone. She has fallen victim of the virus itself that they have been inoculated into broad oppositional sectors in Latin America. Mrs.

Clinton sees only an enemy to overcome in our continent, Hugo Chavez. It is why no denunciation of assassination can be catalogued irresponsibly or as a kind of presidential or official Paranoia. On the other hand, is that if it is a clinical case serious psychotic dissociation, the President of Colombia and his Cabinet. They have received from the Supreme Court Colombian, proven and serious accusations of narcoparlamentarismo and paraparlamentarismo.

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