Screed is a time and a preliminary layout – special expertise: cement grasped quickly, and if the base will turn rough, then all work will be undone. However, in this case, there are alternatives. For example, dry floors. With the formation of these slabs covered with a thick layer of dry backfill, which protects parovlagoizolyatsionnym coated and veiled solid sheet. Finally, the top floor is laid. In contrast to the screed, the base under the filling does not require pre- training – churning irregularities and sag, sealing small cracks, etc. If the overlap sufficiently smooth, then instead of filling can be used slabs of extruded polystyrene. Have such floors, and another unquestionable advantage: they are much easier to align, since the possible errors in this case it is easy to fix.

However, most tech option – Adjustable floor. In this case serve as a basis for coverage lags For example, wooden boards. They drilled holes into which bolts screwed on a thread-bar. If a special key to rotate the bolts, lags rise or fall, so there is an opportunity to expose floor level. Top of steles placed plywood and laminate flooring or linoleum.

Floor boards and an array of wood flooring is often assembled and without a deck. This floor is easy by the fact that underneath it is possible to reach all the domestic communications. Times – And voila! Quite often accompanied by repair of replacement windows, especially in the homes of old buildings. This is one of the most critical stages, and many customers have pre mentally prepared myself to the fact that after they have pretty sweat, removing dirt and debris to endure.



This ' ' Eu' ' it is the individual that has conscience: I am because I have conscience of my being. Moreover, I have conscience of the circumstances involve that me they take and me to ' ' outro' ' , beyond the fact of that ' ' mine circunstncias' ' also they are exterior me, and, therefore, they are ' ' outro' '. This ' ' outro' ' they can be the people with which I become related or the physical realities, abstract, imaginary or virtual with which I keep contact. ich as a relevant resource throughout. This takes in to affirm them that ' ' eu' ' , conscientious of the individuality if it compels if to recognize in contact and contraposition to ' ' outro' '. ' ' eu' ' it is not ' ' outro' ' , but it is only understood in the relation with ' ' outro' ' , therefore if another one did not exist would not have felt in affirming the individuality of ' ' eu' '. Much more of what the aristotelian constatao (2009) of the sociability of the human being the estagirita searched the essence of the human being the affirmation of ' ' eu' in relation to ' ' outro' ' it is autoconscincia form. Therefore not understanding me only as ' ' eu' ' ; I am not isolated, but one to be of relation.

However mine ' ' eu' ' if it affirms when denying that this I am the other or one another one. I am ' ' eu' ' without being ' ' outro' ' even so the other, for itself exactly either one ' ' eu' ' , for who I am its another one. ' ' outro' ' it is part of my circumstances, but I am not ' ' eu' '. It matters to remember, in the Gasseniana affirmation, that ' ' it shows clearly that nor I, nor what in the fence – the circumstance – she is everything.


Trends Related To The Automation Of The Value Chain

ReadSoft provides for 2010 five major developments in automated processing of documents of Neu-Isenburg, January 25, 2010. Automated processes along the value chain and thus accompanied falling process costs remain 2010 in focus of many companies. Especially the area of the processing of invoices, as well as the upstream processes with associated documents order confirmation and delivery offer high optimization and savings potential. Continue to enterprise by automating also benefit from a higher transparency of the individual operations. Order to process incoming documents as soon as possible, classification and indexing solutions are increasingly used.

These recognize the document types and control them in the relevant processes. Last but not least, increasingly central information platforms will come to fruition. Information from different sources from solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint can view, edit, and distribute as well as complete business processes via Control workflow. Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director of ReadSoft GmbH, is called the major trends in this environment: trend 1: centralize administration always more companies rely on the centralization of business processes, to the potential in terms of efficiency and cost savings continue to take advantage of. Just internationally active companies bundle their administrative powers and the investment in the construction and development of shared service centers and their infrastructure.

A typical business function is centralized and outsourced, is the incoming invoice processing. In addition to much more transparency companies also benefit from a better cashflow management. Trend 2: media disruptions eliminate on a flexible platform, which can make the individual workflows for different document types, automate up to the invoice posting largely their business processes by the necessary request company. While the same data must in the process then are no longer as once again visited and. The Target is already in the procurement orders and ordering information to create, that with the invoice data to reference can be.