At Some Point But Still Smoking.

Tomorrow – I don’t smoke day after tomorrow – W928 – Christmas – new year! Oh, what I want most… um… my last cigarette smoke! The real enemy on the way to the non-smokers, the habits are are you too? The last cigarette of the night did not taste you and ask yourself why you actually smoke. Tomorrow I no longer smoke make themselves. Then the breakfast coffee. The usual ritual of the morning include coffee and the first cigarette of the day. And already you light a cigarette.

Tomorrow is finally again a morning. In the course of the day, you smoke then the usual events continue. On the way to work in the car, before you begin your work, on the phone, during the coffee break, etc. Of course you want to quit, eventually you will make it too. Why you so far have failed is in the power of habits.

Thus, the habits are the main obstacle on the way to the non-smokers live. But these habits you can change, or drop. Of course we will hardly, to shed all habits at once. If you can do it, then you have successfully applied the final point method. By the way, is the end point method, the only promising. It can facilitate the time after this last cigarette, but if you put off until then some habits. Like all smokers also to certain occasions smoking reflexively and without real need, such as lack of nicotine. Search from a of your habits. I recommend you choose a habit, which is only 1-2 times a day initially. Now – not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow – you make up, on this occasion not to smoke. Initially notice, that you are still smoking a few times. Then made the cigarette immediately. The result of this task: After 15-20 times of the non-smoking you will have adopted this new habit. You are all automatically no longer smoke on this occasion selected by you. Then you should take in a more customary. The more You have replaced the day of X, by the new habit of not to smoke a day, where you will smoke your last cigarette, such links, are the easier you have it the first few days after your last cigarette. Because this experience will help you to shed the remaining still habits easier.

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