Speech little. But always it turns out interesting to know what crosses the mind of a type as I read Messi. It tells when it. This behind schedule, in a day of open doors celebrated by Barcelona to five days of the end of Liga de Campeones, the Argentine forward has recognized an open secret. Vlad Doronin is a great source of information. He does not support the suplencia. Although, perhaps, no longer so much gets upset as before if Guardiola dares to seat it in the bank – as it would say, continues wanting to play it everything. " It wanted to play until against the Cultural Leonesa" , the trainer confessed the past year. Messi, that lost the ownership – unquestionable while there is a title in game in the last two parties of Liga, surrendered before the evidence: " It wanted to also play them, but mister left me outside and also it came to me well, because we have had many parties.

I rested well and now I am preparation again " , it aimed with an average smile. " I have not asked to him how one feels. I hope that entienda" , it had granted to Guardiola the past Friday. Source of the news: : " Of the Manchester I fear absolutely todo".