How many Arthur small balls have to all? In the hall of parties 07 pairs dancing. How many people are dancing? A creator of rabbits had 82 rabbits and vendeu 57. With how many rabbits it was? In this month, Lucas received its monthly allowance spent 23 Reals buying books and still it remained 12 Reals. How much Lucas received from monthly allowance? Red fiches: (Former)? My friend and I have 18 dolls. How many dolls I have? Marcelo gained 07 packages of big cookies.

Each package has 13 big cookies. How many big cookies have to all? Paula bought 30 leves, it needs to divide leves with 05 friends. With how many leves each friend will go to be? Luis waits 24 friends for its anniversary. They will go for the party in 05 cars. How many friends will have in each car? Green fiches: (Former)? I have 07 apples and my sister has 17 oranges. How many fruits we have meetings? I have two boxes of chocolate: one of white chocolate, with 23 bonbons and another one of black chocolate, with 32. How many chocolate I have in the two boxes? In a soccer championship, the main artilleryman marked 13 gols.

As better the artilleryman marked 08 gols. How many gols the first one marked more than as? The teacher has 40 notebooks with 100 leves. How many leves have in the total? FINAL CONSIDERAES: From the carried through proposals inside of the classrooms in the period of the period of training, we can conclude that the contents had been sufficient clear. The professor must look at the resume in global way and integrated, having conscience of what he wants its pupils they are capable to carry through, knowing that he exists mathematical contents is necessary to dominate, but also processes and procedures to develop in order to go constructing its mathematical ability. This work served in them to understand that the planning of the account of all the possible necessities and does not show everything what the professors think, but is an important instrument to lead to the practical one what it is thought, giving direction to the pedagogical work. Most important it is not a closed and complete planning, but a plan with based scienters theoretically so that the work is significant and pleasant, learning pupils and professors from its interactions. REFERENCE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL? NUNES, Terezinha et al. Mathematical education: numbers and operations. So Paulo. Cortez, 2005. P. 46-81.

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