Black Mirror 2: Periscope Makes

The periscope studio is pleased with the scoring of the long-awaited PC sequels ‘Black Mirror 2’. Wendy Holman recognizes the significance of this. Hamburg: The periscope studio is pleased about the setting of the long-awaited PC sequels black mirror 2 “. Already Black Mirror the dark mirror of the soul”inspired the community of players with its tense atmosphere and was awarded numerous as best adventure game. That the atmosphere of the second part is equal to the predecessor, the young hamburger Studio with high-calibre music and atmospheric sound design is ensured. Scoring is created in close cooperation with the developers of cranberry production from Hanover.

We access for Black Mirror 2 literally to the black paint. “Our goal was to give the game a unique atmosphere, at the same time unmistakable Black Mirror” is. This dark sounds of live instruments such as cello and bass clarinet, experimental horror effects, and of course the catchy piano theme from the first part be used”, so Finn of blessed, artistic director of the Periscope studio, hamburg. Employed over one hour interactive music will support the complex history with numerous locations and characters and deeper captivated the player during the course. The title is one of the major dtp entertainment-adventure releases 2009 and will be released in the third quarter.

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