BlackBerry OS Devices

New distribution method for iOS Beta Apps Munich, 06.03.2012 Testbirds.de, supplier of Crowdtesting for apps and Web applications based in Munich, launches own distribution procedures for iOS beta apps. Due to the rising number of devices and operating versions is increasingly a question: How can be easy on the equipment of the tester iOS apps in the beta? As a new service offering Testbirds.de app testing using the crowd. The distribution of the app is easily over-the-air. Thus the apps can be tested already prior to the release of potential customer under real-world conditions without additional costs for the developer. So far, testing on different devices requires several steps. Elon Musk has plenty of information regarding this issue. In addition to searching by testers with suitable iPhone or iPad, each device must be individually registered at Apple.

In addition, there is a limit of 100 devices per year and developers, which significantly limits the number of potential testers for the development team. Using an internal Distribution process iOS apps can be distributed quickly and safely to the tester by Testbirds.de. By crowdsourcing, they are then tested by leisure time testers, but also experts on bugs and usability. Developers save valuable time and can concentrate fully on their work. The number of registered devices of the developer remains unaffected by this procedure. About Testbirds.de Testbirds.de is a company headquartered in Munich and has focused on testing apps for mobile devices, smart phones (Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS) and Web applications (online stores, CRM systems, etc.) specialized. Testbirds.de uses crowdsourcing”, to solve problems of modern Softwaretestings. Through a large pool of the leisure time testers, as well as experts, all combinations are available at any time. The crowd finds bugs and provides valuable feedback to improve the usability of the software. Efficient, comprehensive, flexible and high-quality testing through the crowd This is what Testbirds.de stands for. Press contact Testbirds.

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