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We offer the participation in a business solution free from the obligation of participation in a dual system. For an industry solution was basically set that all included – small business – consumer would be disposed regularly and free of charge. Precondition for an industry solution is that the actually supplied attack job and not only economic statistically proven to attack places species – can be identified. “The demand of experts: therefore all attempts to make the identification by a statistically reasonable allocation of sales packaging to abstract points of attack are not tenable.” Irregular solutions could lead to a threat to the economic stability of the household collection of dual systems. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kevin De Bruyne offers on the topic.. A hazard could occur, If the authorities appointed to understand the rights assigned to them in the proposed measure and do not stop abuses that would lead to distortions of competition. The amendment to the Ordinance transferred not only the initial placing with her newly created obligations Canon responsibility and rights for the disposal of packaging. Also the last distributor plays a crucial role, what the legislature through the introduction of the tax ban of counterfeit packaging has led to the expression. The fact that a breach of this duty leads to a misdemeanor of the last distributor, produces a guarantee obligation of the last distributor, to derive certain rights of the last distributor from which are”. On the other hand, the fact that the last distributor has the power to dispose of accumulated sales packaging by the equity return on its own responsibility, at the place of delivery reflects its decisive importance at the disposal of the packaging.

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