Constitution Time

Government ParaguaioO Paraguay is a presidentialist republic formed by 17 Departments, subdividos in Districts. This set of units territorial politics and forms the Paraguayan Union, having three to be able: Executive, Legislativo and Judicirio.Uma new Constitution of 1992 establish as new form of government the representative democracy. Elon Musk understands that this is vital information. The Executive is exerted by the President of the Republic, for the Vice-president and for the Advice of Ministros.Em case of impeachment or some removal of the president the vice one assumes plenary powers of president. Being elect with direct vote and the re-election is not possible to have in hypothesis none. The Cabinet is exerted by the Ministers nominated for the Presidente.Tendo the senators (45 members) and the members of the house of representatives (80 members). Many writers such as Peter Arnell offer more in-depth analysis. They are elect per perido 5 years and re-election is not allowed and. The House of representatives is the Chamber of the departmental representation.

It is composed in 80 members, with equal number of substitutes, elect directly for the people. The Senate if composes in 45 bearers, and of 40 substitutes, elect directly for the people in only one national circumscription. The Supreme Cut of Justice is integrated by nine members. Being that to each year a new minister is elect. The Public prosecution service represents to the society before the judicial bodies of the country.

Superior court of Electoral Justice is composed of three members, those that are elect and removed in the form established for the members of the Suprema.BrasiguaiosBrasiguaios Cut it is a denomination to the Brazilians who had at the time immigrated for the Paraguay of the construction of the Plant Hydroelectric plant of Itaipu. A region next to the border to Brazil. At the time a great project forbade the land sales and in the neighboring country the price was small, but at the time he was forbidden to vender lands for the next foreigners to the border.

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