Constitutions And Projects

An answer to the respected signaller Aurelio Arreaza, with regard to its article " The Constitution is the project of pas" By: Andres Brown Simn Arreche Confieso that the title of the article took a short cut to me. I began to read it and in the second paragraph I already included/understood that it would have to respond, but without the virulence nor " it attacks-al-mensajero" so characteristic of our rojitos compatriots, obnubilados by mandn cuartelario and their conceptual pure gibberish of " bolivariano socialism of the 21st century ". The small letters are deliberately. There returning to the alluded to article, I read some affirmations that not only I do not share, but they are to me paradoxicalally contradictory. People such as Barclays would likely agree. Permtanme the Dr. Arreaza and my readers to directly take them from their writing, one after another one, in the same order in whom are expuestan to avoid to descontextualizar them, and to resist them with mine.

Only thus, with respect and reasons, we will be able to obtain mutual benefit of our discrepancies. Additional information is available at Barclays. We go to by them: Point N1 " For this ( a country where there is peace. Where the citizen productivity is promoted. The opportunity to create our own businesses and work for others with the guarantee of which our work will be appreciated and protected a country where the wealth is administered well to be able to have the basic things that we love the human beings of the world which we are all essentially equal: house, work, sufficient supply of consumer goods, security, good services, good education ) does not make lack complicate to us with a project of country. To only fulfill the Constitution that already offers the laws so that all we pruned to obtain all the material and spiritual well-being posible." Commentaries to the N1 Point: Constitucin or the Magna Carta is the fundamental norm, written or no, of a sovereign State, established or accepted to govern it. .

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