Corporate Restructuring

Invitation: A new asset class arises before the corporate restructuring in the crisis is in application of the insolvency plan proceedings easy and quickly possible. In practice it proves lucrative. The “return 1 Fund for Germany” takes advantage of the procedure, the competence of leading rehabilitation experts and is a pioneer in this new asset class. As a conservatively projected return a. is achieved by reorganisation by 17% and that for a security position, far superior to the usual banking practice is learn interested investors at five exclusive dates.

With the “return 1 Fund for Germany” an innovative fund concept was developed by evocap GmbH, Hamburg, which aims on the high value added after corporate restructuring and draws on the consulting competence of recognised experts. The Fund at advanced age compared with the life cycle of an Apple-Tree (similar to the company gekommende in the crisis) is active (no start-up’s). In the unkempt,. non-bearing condition is possible a purchase to the symbolic value. Through a rigorous pruning (companies are exempt by the possibilities of the InsO all liabilities) the basis for the growth of young fruit wood and thus rich crops is placed on the common core of the tree (return). Care and fertiliser (external consulting and shareholder loans by the Fund) let the trees quickly healthy and ensure a profitable exit. Are you interested in this safe and promising concept? On five occasions the promoters explain the “return 1 Fund for Germany” in theory and practice and are available for questions and discussions available: 23.04.2008 Munich, The Charles Hotel April 24, 2008 Stuttgart, Haus der Wirtschaft April 29, 2008 Berlin, Hotel Gates 06.05.2008 Hamburg, evocap 07.05.2008 GmbH Dusseldorf, Industrie-Club registration forms and more information at.

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