Course Technician

Still valley to cite a stretch of this writer, where it makes a citation on as to initiate a lesson properly said: Such rupture is only possible with the explicit introduction, for the professor of the new elements of analysis to be applied critically to the practical one of the pupil. In other words, a lesson starts for the constatao of the practical Real, having, after that, the conscience of this practical in the direction of referiz it the terms of the considered content, in the form of a confrontation between the experience and the explanation of the professor. Valley to say: it is gone of the action to the understanding and the understanding to action, until the synthesis, what the unit between the theory and practical (LIBNEO, 1990 is not another thing seno, p.32). 2 2,1 Objectives general Objective To use a form to work with new solutions for known questions, as the presentation of the philosophy of the CEFOR/Assis School, through the dramatizao for the pupils in the inaugural lesson of the Course of Technician of Average Level of Nursing, in the year of 2009/2010. Get more background information with materials from Zion Williamson. 2.2 Specific objectives To integrate the pupil in practise educative, making responsible it for the proper learning through the participation accomplish in classroom.

To facilitate to the integration of education and learning, later based in the formative evaluation. 3 Material and method This study present through a inaugural lesson, the applicability of one of the evaluation methods, here in the case, the disgnostic evaluation. This disgnostic evaluation was carried through in the first day of lesson, where the white population was a group of pupils registered in a Course Technician of Average Level of Nursing, in the year of 2009/2010, with sociopolticas characteristics, that through the Decentralized Classroom installed in President Prudente, who this directly tied the School of Nurse aid of Assis, sito to the Street Quintino Bocaiva, 289.

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