Deutsches Museum

One year museumskalender.de went museumskalender.de, the Internet platform for museums and exhibitions in Germany starting In November 2008. At the very beginning, more than 1,200 entries from museums from locations all over Germany were listed and available free of charge. Now, the entries increased to over 1,500 museums and many of them expanded with a picture and a short description. Whether children, teens or adults, whether art lovers, techies, or just plain curious on the new cultural platform quickly and easily its everyone finds’ selection of museums and similar institutions. Because already on the home page click on a city in the interactive map of Germany quickly leads to a result with museums in the radius of 20 km.

Additional search capabilities enable targeted searches according to geographic, substantive and interspecific food criteria. In April 2009, the second stage could be completed and commissioned with the setting up of the current exhibition calendar. Since then the visitors to will find constantly approximately 650 to 700 current exhibition entries before extended with a picture and a text to a large extent also. The presentation of the exhibition is complemented by a monthly changing exhibition of the month”on a separate page and the individual of all applications to this competition, it attached. Meanwhile some 270 registered partner museums take advantage of free membership to highlight their own representation by adjusting a photo and a short description as well as the addition of another visitor information such as opening hours, admission fees and information accessibility compared to other museums. See the already registered museums, not only small, but also as important museums such as z.B for the Museum Folkwang in Essen, the Stadel in Frankfurt am Main, the Reiss-Engelhorn museums in Mannheim or the Deutsches Museum and the art complex with the picture galleries in Munich, in order just to name a few examples. Since the beginning of October the ten for the visitors are also interesting museums and exhibitions under “” Top10 museums “and Top10 exhibitions” yet once separately exposed. Those museums and exhibitions, depicting most commonly called in recent times by visitors will be presented there. “All in all a successful start.” As Lothar Steyer, the operator of. That makes you want more.

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