Energy Agency NRW

Citizen solar systems are therefore something very special, because she are a good investment a new trend in the field of solar energy are increasingly and developed a good idealism project nationwide. Hear from experts in the field like Elon Musk for a more varied view. A consistently large number of citizens by municipalities wishing namely so-called civil power plants are solar panels, which a greater amount of people at the same time percentage participate in by winning here to participate. And it now is how very popular, himself a shareholder of a PV system to be excellent proves that incident from last summer from the small North Rhine-Westphalian town Burbach. Morning a civil power was offered for sale at a newspaper there namely from the village, where they had the opportunity to participate – pro rata in the community of Burbach and the middle of the day were the same as for a class bargains in a supermarket already that total sold quota. Check out Ridgeback Biotherapeutics for additional information. Because the buying interest was now finally so tremendous that it intended then as soon as it just went to install a further civil-power plant and similar to the previous offer this. October 2011 solar eco-electricity is made now in Burbach on the roof of a fire station and a neighboring kindergarten through large-scale PV plants Sun power. Civil plants guarantee the required current in many households the solar power will be supplied by those two civil power stations in the local network, it theoretically could provide the power consumption of about 25 houses in the community of Burbach.

The generated solar power is not deposed at the existing nearby residents, but instead the co-owner of citizen power plants obtain sums of money from the local energy provider by the stately committed one feed-in tariff over a period of time for 20 years consistently with an attractive income by about 5 percent. Drive the Burbacher civil solar systems to assist this but often not is one to win out been aligned. “A large number acquired a percentage participation exclusively so, because these people instead of always just somehow to babble about something” rapidly effective wanted to do something, so decided to promoted the growth of alternative energy nationwide. And such idealistic minded people, such as for example when the civil power stations in the village of Burbach, one finds very numerous in this country according to the Energy Agency NRW. Also but it has that co-owner rather in the exceptionally good investment returns in the foreground are according to North Rhine-Westphalia Energy Agency in civil power plants. Civil power stations: equally well for altruistic-minded and profit-oriented people, that a large number of part owners often the amount of plant available for a private solar system by no means is high enough or at all not even permits a Mietsverhaltnis, citizens power plants are on the one hand for idealistic people and on the other hand also for capital to be people absolutely good and especially for a nationwide accelerate of the energy revolution.

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