Enough Of These Carols Christmas

November 2010, London 73% of consumers don’t want to hear Christmas songs in stores before the month of December, according to a study published today by Mood Media Corporation (TSX: MM/LSE AIM:mm). The results of the study have been published at this time of the year in which the shops make use of Christmas decorations and carols to attract customers, also point out that the Christmas songs not encourage consumers to buy gifts: more than 3 of every 5 surveyed online by YouGov, or 61%, says that listening to Christmas carols in a shop does not make them thinking about buying gifts. However, almost three-quarters (74%) of consumers aged 18 to 44 say they like to listen to music when they buy, while almost two-thirds (64%) say that they would remain more time looking in the establishment if they enjoy the atmosphere. Vanessa Walmsley, senior Vice President of corporate marketing at Mood Media Corporation, said: the message is clear: If a seller wants to which the buyers remain in your establishment for longer, instead of putting Christmas carols because he is about Christmas, could be adapted the music from its establishment to the tastes of their customers in particular. If customers like the songs that are heard in the establishment, they will stay longer and, therefore, will increase the possibilities to carry out a purchase. As evidenced by the latest data, the growth of sales in the more popular stores has decreased, which means that sellers have to be more creative when it comes to encourage its customers to spend money this Christmas. Was also requested to consumers that they puntuaran the following factors of importance in creating a good atmosphere in the establishment: music; Visual elements, such as screens or TVs; and olfactory marketing or aromas. More than two fifths of respondents aged between 18 and 44 years (42%) stated that the sound is the most important thing, but consumers of more than 44 years they preferred the aromas in the establishment (50%).