Asked how he came to accept that kind of work, as had been paid to something that now, all lights, you qualify of shameful. I was looking for a reason to justify, the age, said, damn age. He was a cultured, well prepared, man with sufficient knowledge to find another job, spoke and wrote five languages and however his age was a factor that eliminated him any job possible. That was the reason, said knowing now in the same situation. I would have liked to publish how much was in that company, prevent such abuse of power but everything was perfectly controlled. I could not prove anything. The corporate purpose of the company consisted only in designing programs in addition to that it was the owner of a famous computer portal that accessed millions of users. Sometimes it crossed with other people in the elevator but thousands of employees working in the building, and only about 30, said the only man who managed to talk the first day, performed the same activity.

Thirty unknown in the subsidiary Brussels, of different nationalities and without demonstrable identity. Jaime Laz had fifty and three years, a small house, pension pay, was leaving voluntarily his work and his last work experience could not write in any curriculum. And Jaime Laz had been in love with Celia. What would think of Celia? A man of about thirty-five years opened the door. A thick and serious voice addressed him interrupting him in Mr Laz thoughts, this is its settlement – told him the man with uniformed aspect of Executive, I need not remind you that any action on his part against the company would have consequences – and continued approaching an envelope – it has enough money for its discretion and, as you of course know, he has collaborated with us in translator and professional quality by what will suffice to sign this document on test that have received our decision to dispense with his services of interpreter.-really? asked Jaime Laz smiling ironically at the young expert on imposing authoritarian tone to his voice, tell me – he said – from truth has a pen and a paper to sign something? You can sign here-she replied with indifference man approaching a black agenda to sustain the weight of the firm.