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The angle of entry is 31.7o, while the departure angle is the angle 30.9o and ventral is 19.0o, this is due in part to 241 mm in height to the floor air. Wading capacity is 61 cm. It can also be driven by outstanding 60% and lean across up to 40%. H3T transfer case has a two-speed continuous drive four-wheel drive (4WD) is designed for heavy work, has an extensive special coating to give more strength. Y course includes a locking rear differential and front.

H3T is the first and only vehicle in the segment that provides this feature, which is controlled electronically by the driver according to the required depending on the terrain in transit. To complement the off road features, the system includes the new H3T a Hill Hold Assist in improving the response promotions, making the car do not go backwards when you are standing on a steep hill without the brake pedal held. Accessories in its cargo bed, the H3T is equipped with a protective cover, this model is designed to accommodate numerous accessories that make it the most versatile HUMMER ever built. In addition, their ideal size enables you to host a wide range of conventional accessories for any outdoor activity, such as moto-cross, mountain biking, camping equipment, skiing and kayaking, among others. It also includes an easily removable tailgate, four integrated storage compartments with removable lids and forecasts necessary for the proper functioning of the rail system.

Besides all the capabilities, interior design details and security, H3T offers many options for accessories, backed by General Motors, which allow customers to personalize their vehicle according to your tastes, needs and lifestyles. The official accessories can be purchased through distributors Luxury Channel GM. To learn more about this majestic terrain, you can visit the microsite that General Motors has created for this model: Dear reader, we reiterate our invitation to visit our website where you can learn about the latest happening in the exciting automotive world, the ultims news, launches of new models and everything that happens around the world automotive industry.

Engine: L5 and V8 Displacement: 3.7; 5.7-liter Power: 239 hp 5.800 rpm and 300 hp 5,200 rpm. Torque: 241 lb-ft 4.600 rpm and 320 lb-ft 4,000 rpm. Transmission: Hydra-Matic Automatic 4-Speed. With sobremacha Suspension: Off-road differential lock front and rear Brakes: 4-wheel disc anti-lock ABS Journalist specializing in automotive industry. Contributor to various publications in Mexico on issues of cars, automotive, technology, gadgets, Haute Horlogerie, and lifestyle. It is editorial director of publications and self-guided Automobile History Mina Editores, in addition to being editor of the site where you can see more items from a server.

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