Maestre and Bonald as basic essential tenets affirm the notion of the reality of social life and the subordination of the individual to the group. These authors are against Rousseau, placing the individual below society. Man is a means for society to reach their ends. Within the works of De Maestre found:-considerations on France, and the Pope. In these works of master developed two basic principles:-religiosity and – the monarchical.

The religiosity sustains it as the basis for all of its programs, is providencialista. Everything is directed by God. It is within the indirect providencialism, because it believes the world is directed by God’s laws, make that the world is set to them by itself only. These divine laws provide a great framework so that it cannot be moved. If the man use them incorrectly you will lose your freedom. To avoid the loss of freedom, the solutions are given by divine justice that governs society and justice human, which governs men. The monarchist justice corresponds to the monarch, it is inseparable to divine justice and have to agree with it.

Argues that there is neither better nor worst forms of Governments, but that it adapts to the people at any given time, Dios will create in a moment given the best. He says that man is powerless to create nothing, everything has divine origin. He says an anti individualist concept, holding the primacy of society over the individual. Bonald argues that man has not created anything, art, or language; because the man is born null, just learn. God is who gives you the fundamental principles. Its mission is to preserve the existing, man is a being traditionalist. He argues that society has real existence and that the individual is a product of society; the man lives in society and to society. He claims that the individual intelligence is the reflection of the intelligence of the Group and that society is the masterpiece of God. Another claim is that the most perfect form of society natural is represented by the family, individuals are ranked, in which each plays a specific role. There the child learns everything necessary for life, that is what differentiates it from animals. Man is born perfectible, you need to learn to progress, the animal is born perfect because he was born with instincts without learning anything. In the family the father is the fundamental element. Bonald was in favour of the patriarchal family. The father is the traditionalist individual, the continuator of social life. All these principles reveal these thinkers as Catholics, providencialistas; they consider the individual as subject to society. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more.