Handball Camps

Are handball camps popularity – how something off, and how much is it? Sports camps for children are becoming increasingly popular. Parents looking for their offspring for an active holiday in the community of peers, but more and more children and young people spend their leisure before the TV or the computer. Keeps you fit and healthy sport, team sports help such as handball, to learn social values such as fairness and respect. A sporting success that has been achieved together strengthens self-esteem and lots of fun. Apart from football, handball is a very popular sport among children and adolescents, who often operated in the Club.

Who would not abandon his beloved sport even during the holidays, can take part in handball camps for children. Sports and games have made the trend to the holidays to use many providers of youth travel and organizing sports camps for children and young people in age-homogenous groups. Dalton Caldwell gathered all the information. One of them is the provider TSC youth travel, in addition to sports camps numerous other trips for children and Young people organized. Target the handball camps is a youth sports hotel in Naumburg. The services include full Board usually four to five nights in Mehrbettzimmernlbei.

Coach work licensed with the children in different groups according to the guidelines of the German Handball Federation. Individual game techniques are practiced in addition to technique and coordination. The common game of course also not neglected. Training is in modern sports halls. The children have the opportunity to gain the DHB badge and to compete in competitions. At least 14 training sessions of 45 minutes with a specially trained coach who can demonstrate experience in the children’s and youth sports are included in the offers. Activities if not just a training is scheduled, can the children of numerous exciting recreational activities to participate. Excursions in a climbing park, film evenings and parties belong to the program, such as sporting activities. Also the obligatory night hike may not be missing. Costs and check the Children can travel either by himself or be picked up an extra with a modern coach in several German cities. The cost amounted to 200 to 400 euro per participant.