Itsbetter Shines

Its better – just! Simply, clearly, and as soon as the Flash – this is the new website of “ITSBETTER”! The Trend@dress Medien AG has published the new design of the B2B database these days. Rusty holzers opinions are not widely known. A modern and clearly held design can quickly identify the objective of the website: time is money! The visitor should be stopped unnecessarily by superfluous bells and whistles! Rather the aim is to find the right solution for upcoming tasks as quickly as possible. And itsbetter.de is unrivaled! A keyword is enough and already, the search engine brings all commercial businesses and industrial enterprises, involved in this and neighboring areas. The visitors now has a wealth of activities to choose from. The Board of Directors of TAM AG, Norbert Goretzki, brings it to the point: “Today nobody can relate to more elaborate search. This time is missing for the core business! Here we have created the optimal solution!” The ease of use is unprecedented. Gone are the days when we Excel or Access tables had to be scanned.

For the search engine by “ITSBETTER” you need no computer training you will be amazed! Simple, simple and without frills! The slightly inclined user will find a great taskbar, which opens all routes via mouseclick to him. The page itself is constantly expanded and thus awarded can be kept up to date. Newly added is also the section of the classifieds. So, the big ITSBETTER Portal can be used perfectly to draw maximum attention to the company and the innovative news within the plant. This “Ad” does not “classified ad”! The text length is unlimited and can be supplemented with a suitable image even further! But simply try it out! Because – you know: “ITSBETTER” because it is better!

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