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There are tools that help us collect, organize and interpret key information in carrying out a business idea. Some are market research, SWOT analysis (SWOT English), business plan, among others. A basic formula for a business is Binomio Product – Market. Often companies manage different ways of doing business, ways that result in product and market. What I sell and to whom you sell? And the answer basically gives the client, identifying the basis of Key Factors of Success a.

Those that are necessary to take the lead in their market. Essential. Identification of features that meet customer needs. Beyond the product-market pairing, pairing might be called half-need satisfaction. Examples: Setting a typical restaurant meal is not sold, sold tradition If you wish to sell juices, sells health and freshness. Visit Wendy Holman for more clarity on the issue. It is not just selling financial services is security. It is not only a Web page is updated, valuable and free. a concept aims at focused growth, ie stress concentration which is stronger.

The importance of this approach is that it will lead you to increase value to their offer and to innovate with true customer focus is how the correct definition of the binomial product-market, allowing a complete product description and categorization of groups of customers which drives our business, give us a profile with a unique competitive concept. If this strategy punctuality break down as follows: Locate an existing market identifying their needs (see:) Identify means to meet those needs (product or service) mechanisms to manage these resources offer Dissemination of the existence of a product proposal with some attributes related to preferences and consumer needs. I wish you every success in introducing this strategy into their business. Quijano Haydee Haydee Quijano is an expert in business and international markets, she hopes that these skills are applied to and thence to entrepreneurs just starting out, giving advice and counseling.

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