Legal Liabilities

However, the researchers conclude that the constitutional and legal responsibility, as a kind of legal liability, closest to administrative. We now turn to civil liability. Civil liability is a type of legal liability, and because it has all the inherent features: Public-forcing, the use of authorized entities to persons who committed the offense of sanctions, which are measures of legal liability. Under the civil liability should be understood sanctions applied to violators in the form of laying on him an additional civil charges or deprived of his civil rights. For example, the debtor is liable for no compensation to the creditor for damages caused by failure or improper fulfillment of obligations. In contrast, the administrative responsibility here we are talking mainly about property relations.

With regard to disciplinary action, it is one of the types of legal liability, which provides law for misconduct. Disciplinary responsibility – a form of legal liability, represents an obligation to the employee to be punished, provided rules of labor law for the wrongful failure to perform their job duties. The grounds for disciplining Liability is a disciplinary offense. Disciplinary offense is called non-performance or improper performance of an employee due to his fault conferred upon him his job duties. The main difference from administrative responsibility – to function mainly in the field of labor relations. Now consider the most rigid kind of responsibility in the system of Russian law – professional liability. Professional responsibility – a form of legal liability, the basic content of which are the measures used by public authorities to a person in connection with the commission of a crime.

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