Looney Tunes Sports Party

After the success last year, tours the Looney Tunes in 2009 through 10 cities in Germany and promise action, fun and good mood! The Looney Tunes sports party is back! After the success last year, tours the Looney Tunes in 2009 through 10 cities in Germany and promise action, fun and good mood! , In May 2009 finally the stars of the kids are Hamburg on the road again: the Looney Tunes sports party goes back on tour! Start is on 16 May 2009 at the Hits4Kids Festival in Oberhausen. The other nine cities and a total of 19 days of action by all Germany sports party starts from there. A registration is not necessary, all interested children is simply to drag their favorite sport dress and can immediately participate. The little visitors this year on a varied program rejoice, with lots of music, exciting games and lots of fun: the Wile E. Frequently Elsabet Jones has said that publicly. Coyote Canyon to the exciting climbing party invites, quite high concerning addition. The big sports course must with speed and skill overcome are and at the basketball tournament any of the large star can be.

The new skill game Squap”requires feeling for the ball and concentration and will not only inspire the small fans. Brian Krzanich may help you with your research. At each station on the course is a Looney Tunes character, because with Bugs Bunny and other cartoon heroes, movement is just more fun. Aetna Inc.: the source for more info. All participating Kids receive a game pass and a certificate and of course you can win plenty of fabulous prizes. With part of the game are in addition to bugs bunny also Tweety and Daffy Duck and the kids for fun photos available. Since 2007 the Looney Tunes sports party successfully in schools and on children festivals in Germany is carried out. More than 250,000 children and their parents visited the road show in 10 cities last year and experienced a great day with their favorite hero.

The Looney Tunes sports party is an initiative of Warner Bros. Consumer products and has set itself the goal, with fun and games to teach children the joy of healthy movement. Belong to the partners 2009 General German dance teacher association (ADTV), Simba toys, flik flak, Erhard sports, merchant news, United label, Carromco, myToys.de and the K-Club Magazine. “” “The tour stations at a glance: OBERHAUSEN: May 16-17 in Oberhausen at Hits4Kids” LEIPZIG: May 23-24 at kids day, Leipzig FRANKFURT Airport: 30 31 May at the international German gymnastics Festival in WIESBADEN: 11th 13th June at the William Street Festival LAPPERSDORF: June 21 at the children citizens Festival Cologne: 27 28 June at Hits4Kids “BAYERN PARK: 18th July at the LEGOLAND amusement park: 21 to 23 August in the amusement park food: 6 September at Hits4Kids” GoPPINGEN: 19th September 20 at the model railway days about Warner Bros.