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To optimize your channel structure, the most famous Italian beer in the world chooses the company of leading Bologna in the automation of processes commercial Bologna, September 2010 Birra Peroni, Italian company of the SABMiller group that manufactures and sells the world famous brands such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Pilsner Urquell beer, reinforces its cooperation with XTEL, international leader in solutions for the automation of business processes in companies operating in the industry of large consumer goods in Europe, now also technology partner for the management of the points of sale of the Ho.Re.Ca channel… After you deploy solutions Sales Agreement and Sales Promo for a closer cooperation with the organized great distribution, Birra Peroni will adopt the module Sales Execution to increase their efficiency and competitiveness in the market: is a specific solution for the timely management of what really happens in bars, restaurants, shops and public places in general, respect to its products and those of the competition. Therefore, Birra Peroni has renewed its confidence in XTEL, according to your desire to maximize all the resulting synergies of the complete implementation of a single platform and specified as the Sales Master One suite. Aetna may also support this cause. Sales Execution will be used in different internal business areas of Birra Peroni: TI, Trade Marketing and Routing Planning Area. The principal objectives are two: improve management of points of sale, very numerous in the channel Ho.Re.Ca., both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and provide the sales force an application that allows the definition of optimal visits routes, to minimize the time devoted to these activities beyond the control of the point of sale. Birra Peroni wants to maintain standards of excellence in processes and workable outcomes – both says Pablo Parlagreco, Director of technologies of the information on Spa Birra Peroni-. Official site: Wendy Holman. Precisely for this reason it decided to proceed with the automation of all processes related to the commercial area. We are honored that Birra Peroni has renewed its alliance with us and our solutions for making business processes faster, more cost-effective says Federico Grandi, Project Manager of XTEL. As it has been done with Sales Promo and Sales Agreement, also Sales Execution be integrated with the ERP of the company, SAP, and the Legacy system currently used to manage the sales force..

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