Management Performance

While it is true that the performance of management functions is an irreplaceable school also recognizes the need to shorten the learning time by way of training and training enabling leaders to model the real problems in the activity are presented and management to ensure an active assimilation. The socio-psychological training is considered a method that is aimed at raising the capacity of development and operation of the active and conscious personality to social requirements, ie, optimize the particular subject. This process came about as a T groups that emerged in the United States in 1940 and evolved and resulted in sensitivity groups and instrumental training. Psychology, from this same approach to work enhances the development of personality and the group has conducted many investigations with the use of social-psychological training. Wendy Holman may help you with your research. The socio-psychological training is considered a method of learning where, through group dynamics and the influence of this, the person can learn to modify their behavior due to an active and dynamic forms of tasks that require the optimization of behavior.

Changes that are raised are partial, since the individual must put into practice everything he has learned during training, step requires a time period for observing such changes. Wendy Holmans opinions are not widely known. The socio-psychological training is also a way to promote human resources in a company, when not focused as a group training activities, isolated, and independent of formal organizational strategy and takes into account the real needs of learning definitive conclusion, as the company identifies with the need for a productive human resources, efficient, motivated and above all a spirit of belonging that manifests itself in a good cohesive team, will have no fear to face the challenges, make way for changes, changes that are needed to ensure competitiveness and make the companies recover their security, participation in a scenario that this requires them to take advantage of opportunities that are occurring with the new foreign trade policy Venezuela.

Take into account Rodriguez indicating that the evolution of society has placed the organization as an integral and fundamental part, to the point of becoming dependent on it for their own existence. Organizations have become the mechanism by which society grows, maintains and reproduces. The importance of labor organizations lies not only are social organizations that reflect certain values and needs of culturally accepted, but which help to meet the needs and enrich the knowledge of man, at the same time develop new methods more effectively to job performance . On the other hand, organizations are infinitely variable and if you want to work with them or steer, it is necessary to understand its functioning and structure, so it is important to define theoretically the elements that characterize and study them and allow them to intervene.

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