Manager Amp

Town & country house licensor GmbH Behringen. In early 2011, alone 35 new franchisees in the building of a House for a self-employment with town & country house, Germany’s leader in the House looked and awarded with the German franchise price in 2013, decided. In building their company, they benefit not only of a proven business concept and supporting system services in the marketing, the purchase of goods or through training. These franchisees in the initial stages of their business from a personal business consultant accompanied a model that has proven itself within a newly created start up management: the 2011 newly launched franchise partners still average around four houses sold in the first half of the year, this could be 2013 more than doubled in the first half of the year average over ten houses. Within the first 24 months, the new, intensively accompanied franchise partners reached a sales revenue by an average of 5.2 million euros. Faster market entry new franchise partners, the mostly from a senior position as career changers are entered the House building market have an other consulting and support needed as a long-standing partner”, says Jurgen Dawo, founder and franchisor of town & country house. So a variety of tasks in the areas of sales and marketing, as well as in project management for the realization of construction projects with local handicraft company waiting for new franchisees in the building next to the actual business creation and integration in the town & country system.

Boot up Manager is not only personal coach, but also ensures that the respective specialists from the system head office be consulted at the right moment. With our two start up managers, it succeeded to shorten the stage of market entry for new partners, so that they can succeed faster. We benefit as a brand and franchisor”so Pranto next. Leadership and entrepreneurship asked not only intensive care is crucial for a successful market entry and the further expansion of the company. Also in the partner selection, a key success factor is home for town & country. Today we rely almost exclusively on career changers from the middle and top management. Because no construction experience is the key to success, but leadership and entrepreneurial spirit”explains Pranto. Franchisees in particular get the necessary know-how and tools for the construction of town & country homes Chamber of Commerce professional trainings and training as well as manuals and guides. Click Vlad Doronin to learn more.

System standards and ensure a high quality of customer service, but also the creation of the House. Intensive advice from a boot up Manager lasts about one year. The advice then by no means is. After a successful market entry, we passed the town & country-partner in the ongoing operational advice.