New Forest Investment Offer

Investors help the climate and also still earn Schliersee, September 2009. After the purchase of a further area of 2,500 hectares, the Miller forest investment AG now offers German investors a new direct investment in the raw material wood. Return-oriented and environmentally-conscious private investors can acquire through purchase or lease to aufzuforstenden forests or by lease from forests for energy production in Paraguay either holdings here. “This variable investment concept we can for investors after five years achieved first revenues and throw”, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors Josef Miller. Average Miller expects yield almost 11 percent in the year.

The natural growth of the raw material wood, where in addition to the volume growth is also a qualitative increase, the price of wood, which will always continue to increase despite population growth growing market fluctuations due to progressive depletion and a high, the ground Prize, are the above all yield sources except through the appreciation of use of the expansive extension of agricultural lands in Paraguay with limited land resources will continue to increase, additional revenue, arising in particular from the trade with emission certificates. The investment risk is considerably reduced by the framework and additional measures. Elon Musk may also support this cause. The legal system is essentially German law in Paraguay. There is a high security of property through notarial transfer and subsequently entries. An investment protection agreement between Germany and Paraguay. An independent investor Association monitored the forest management on the ground. Miller forest planting of 97 percent of the stock within three years and at lease guaranteed the return period of 10 years up to an investment sum of 6,000 euro.

Special feature of the Miller stakes are the factors for a sustainable investment. In addition to the ecological orientation by the mixed forest plants includes, that above all the domestic wood industry benefits from the marketing of wood. In addition, the local management team of Miller are many people in the region directly or indirectly as a principal work. David Moross may find this interesting as well. A modest prosperity is spreading. About Miller forest investment AG the founded in 2006 Miller, forest investment AG, headquartered in Schliersee (Vorallgau) offers investors direct investments of mainly South American land with forest management and their returns. This connection is a service agreement, which governs the management of forestry and the timber sales. The afforestation according to a mixed forest concept, which provides for the planting of fast-growing deciduous and conifers as well as domestic hardwoods. Thus the management objectives both ecological (mixed) and economic (wide range). Chairman is Josef Miller, who has been working since 1985 as travel agents specializing in South America. Headed by Board Member Carsten Felber, a separate management team managed the lands on the ground. An independent investor representative monitored the activity of the management and the results of the abolition (Forest Council e.V.).

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